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Hi, this is Paul Rafelson, Rafelson Law. How’re you doing today? I just wanted to post this video, another thing that came in my mind today was something. I attended a seminar not that long ago and there was a discussion about, you know, the end game for those who are looking to sell their Amazon business and you know it was an interesting sort of seminar but, you know, I actually disagreed with a good part of it when it came to how to structure to deal and what’s sort of the best interest.

It seemed like the advice that was being given probably wouldn’t be the advice a lawyer would give, certainly not without certainly doing some analysis as to whether structuring a deal in other ways makes more sense for you at a tax perspective.

Sometimes parties disagree over how to structure the deal, for example, in tax issues that comes up as asset sale versus stock sale. Sometimes, you know, it makes more sense for one party to do it as stock sale and the other to do it as an asset sale, and if you’re not valuing that, if you’re not taking that into consideration when going through selling your business, you might be leaving money on the table.

Even if the other party doesn’t want to do that, it’s still a negotiating point, it’s still something that, you know, you could say well this is worth. I’ve seen it worth half a million, quarter million in some instances with clients I’ve dealt with.

I’ve seen it worth a lot of money and the big corporations back in the day when I was working for companies like Walmart, GE and Microsoft that difference was obviously much much more massive, but for when you scale it down to sort of the typical Amazon merchants and, you know, what they hope to sell their business for, you know, the amount of money they could potentially, you know, miss out on, you know, it could be 20, 25 % of the sale price that they could be just foregoing needlessly because they’re not properly analyzing the situation, they’re just so eager to sell.

So, I encourage you if your end game is to sell, to reach out to me [email protected] and, you know, tell let’s talk about what you’re trying to do, what’s going on and let’s see if we can help you through the process and we have some great M&A people in addition to myself, we can run for your, you know, any due diligence pushback.

If you’re looking to buy, if you need us to run three of due diligence we’re more than happy to do that. Just give us, send me an email at [email protected] and let’s make sure that you’re getting full value for your hard work and building the business that you built and that when you sell it you’re getting every dollar you should be getting, every dollar you’re entitled to.

Don’t leave money on the table, all right? All the best, take care and see you next time.

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