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Paul S Rafelson has been litigating state tax cases for over 13 years. He’s been an in-house state tax litigator for Microsoft, Walmart, and GE. He has seen what the full burdens of multi-state tax look like at these large companies who have been doing multi-state tax for years. He’s a small business advocate who understands the serious threat these burdens create for anyone trying to grow an online business in America. And he’s a tough fighter who has faced state tax administrators and the Multistate Tax Commission (the amnesty organization) asserting bogus tax law interpretations in almost every state. In addition, Paul teaches a state tax constitutional law course at Pace University School of Law in New York. Paul has a law degree and an MBA from Villanova University and a Masters of Law (LL.M.) in Taxation from New York University. Paul was also a retail arbitrage seller when he was in law school, long before FBA. Paul has been regularly featured in major media publications about eCommerce. Over the last year, Paul has also been leading the charge in the sales tax legal battle on behalf of online merchants, fighting to protect the constitutional rights of the merchant community, and insuring they didn’t fall victim to states like California, that are pursuing sellers for eight years of back taxes. As a part of his efforts, Paul helped form an online trade association called Online Merchants Guild (, where he volunteers his time as the organization’s executive director. As executive director of OMG Paul wrote and submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, bringing the online merchant perspective to the case, and through the organization is actively preparing to take further legal action that will help protect the constitutional rights of all merchants worldwide.

Beware of Sales Tax Registration Scams

By |2019-01-24T21:30:42+00:00January 10th, 2019|Categories: Sales Tax, Tax Law|

The Sales Tax Registration Scam How Software Companies Peddle False Hope and Safety Over the last year, sales tax registration has become a scary subject for eCommerce businesses, especially those businesses selling on Amazon FBA. The more we read about sales tax law, the more we desperately want to find a quick-fix solution that will let [...]

Amazon’s Notice That They Are Turning Over Your Company Data: Now What?

By |2018-11-08T16:00:43+00:00October 25th, 2018|Categories: Sales Tax, Tax Law, TAX LAW INSIGHTS FOR ONLINE MERCHANTS|

The New California Sales Tax & What Amazon Sellers Can Do On October 23rd, 2018, Amazon sellers received a notice from Amazon stating that the company would be turning over seller information to the California Department of Tax and Free Administration (CDTFA) on November 6th, 2018. Based on my experience representing taxpayers currently dealing with California, [...]

Supreme Court Decision South Dakota v. Wayfair: Physical Presence Incorrect

By |2018-06-21T14:45:33+00:00June 21st, 2018|Categories: TAX LAW INSIGHTS FOR ONLINE MERCHANTS|

The Supreme Court is hearing the case South Dakota vs Wayfair (W). The case is a challenge to 1992 Quill V North Dakota Supreme Court case reaffirming that a state could not require a business to collect sales tax unless the business is physically located in the state....

Why California Hid Amazon Meta Data in Official State Documents Sent to Taxpayers

By |2018-05-03T14:51:44+00:00May 3rd, 2018|Categories: TAX LAW INSIGHTS FOR ONLINE MERCHANTS|

So a reporter asked California why hidden Amazon meta data was embedded in an official state document sent to taxpayers. Open the doc in Google Docs...