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Amazon Exit Strategy

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CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US AND SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY AMAZON EXIT STRATEGY CALL TODAY   How to Sell Your Amazon Business or Brand by: Rafelson Schick, PLLC M&A Team Part 1:  How to Find a Buyer Last year, our firm (Rafelson Schick, PLLC) saw a record year in the M&A space [...]

How to Choose an Entity Type for Your Amazon Business

By |2018-12-07T16:54:20+00:00October 26th, 2018|Categories: Amazon Strategies, General Business Law, Posts by Jeffrey Schick, Tax Law|

Most sellers begin their Amazon business as a sole-proprietorship, which is great when you first start up because it is easy and free when you’re first starting. However, as you grow, you’ll want to move into an official legal entity to protect your personal assets. This is because when you operate as a sole-proprietorship, you are [...]

Preventing Amazon Listing Hijackers using Trademark Law

By |2018-12-07T16:54:20+00:00October 25th, 2018|Categories: Amazon Strategies, Brand Protection, Posts by Jeffrey Schick, Private Label Brand Protection, Protect Your Listings, Trademark Law, Unauthorized Seller Enforcement|

You've worked hard to build your brand. You made a great product, obtained a substantial number of reviews, and managed to build something from scratch while following all of the Amazon policies. And then a hijacker shows up on your listing. You call Seller Support, and they inform you there's nothing they can help you do [...]