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Thank you very much for your interest in FRS. We will be pleased to help with your matter, and will contact you as quickly as possible. Our attorneys are happy to participate in virtual and in-person interviews and can offer valuable insight for your media pieces. Whether you are hosting a webinar on Amazon, or writing an article on eCommerce, we have the experience and insight to offer a unique perspective for your media piece.

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What we can share with you:

We are pleased to offer insights, quotes, interviews, and explanations for a wide variety of topics involving e-Commerce sellers. We have unique insights and advanced knowledge on the following areas to help with your media piece.

  • Selling on Amazon as a Third-Party Seller – We can help you understand what unique challenges and opportunities third-party sellers face when selling on Amazon.

  • Amazon Suspensions – We can explain what the suspension process looks like for third-party sellers, and how third-party sellers can get their account or listing reinstated.

  • Sales Tax Issues – We can explain the unique state and federal tax challenges that third-party and e-Commerce sellers face as a result of recent court decisions.

  • Income Tax Issues – We can explain the unique state and federal income tax challenges that eCommerce sellers face.

  • Intellectual Property in the Age of Amazon – Learn about how eCommerce and the rise of “private label” on eCommerce platforms is challenging traditional notions and understandings of Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Selling to Amazon: Our team has unique perspective for helping brands understand the implications of “going direct” to Amazon via their Vendor Central platform.