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Amazon Sellers are increasingly facing intellectual property infringement claims, both from brands and from other sellers. Some sellers and brands have tried to weaponize Brand Registry 2.0, and are using it to make baseless IP infringement claims (patent infringement, trademark infringement, counterfeit infringement, and/or copyright infringement claims). Unfortunately, when these IP infringement claims are made, how you respond can result in legal liability for your company. Our team can help you get reinstated, and have the legal knowledge  should the brand or seller claiming infringement decide to bring a legal infringement claim.

If you wish to obtain a retraction: We can help you obtain it from the rights owner by reaching out on your behalf, and negotiating the retraction from them.

If you wish to fight the notice (Notice-Dispute): We can help prepare the necessary documents to submit to Amazon & demonstrate to them how your alleged infringement is not infringement, and that Amazon was responsible for the issue.

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What about Baseless or False IP Infringement Claims? 

If you have received a copyright, trademark, or patent infringement notice from Amazon, this is a serious issue that requires you to work with experienced attorneys. Only a licensed attorney can help you evaluate the merits of the alleged infringement. If the infringement is legitimate, our attorneys can help you attempt to reach an amicable outcome with the rights-owner to avoid litigation. Remember, if you have infringed on someone’s patent, trademark, or copyright, you are liable to face litigation in addition to account or product suspensions.

In some cases, the alleged infringement in the notice is baseless. In the event that the alleged infringement is baseless, we can help you write an effective letter to the complaining party advising them of the seriousness of their  baseless complaint, and the ramifications if the do not withdraw their complaint with Amazon. Once the complaining party withdraws their complaint, we can then file a Plan of Action with Amazon to have your product or account reinstated.

In the event that the baseless complaint is not withdrawn, we can work with your team to begin enforcement efforts. These may include some of the following strategy options:

  • File a lawsuit against the complaining party
  • File trademark or patent cancellation proceedings with the USPTO, in the event that the root IP being infringed is not able to be protected

When You Face Infringement Claims, You Need an Experienced Legal Team

When you receive a letter from Vorys or a complaint of infringement from Amazon, you need licensed attorneys to represent you. Hiring an attorney can help you deescalate the situation, and gives you the security of knowing that an attorney who deals with these issues frequently is using their experience and knowledge to help further your business goals. Nobody without a law license in good standing should give you advice about how to handle an infringement claim: not only are they not qualified to help you, but in most states it is considered unlawful practice of law.

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