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Intellectual Property rights owners are increasingly facing the “wild west” of Amazon and eCommerce, where established notions of intellectual rights are being abused and misused by novice sellers. Unfortunately, the rise of unscrupulous suppliers who claim that your patented or trademarked design is not protected have resulted in threats to your IP. If you are facing infringement of your valuable intellectual property, our unique mix of marketplace enforcement processes and legal tactics can help you regain control of your IP.

Many sellers do not realize that their actions on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces can have real-world effects. This means that many sellers mistakenly believe that “Amazon is the judge and jury”, and that Amazon’s decision on whether to allow or take down content is the final word. Fortunately, this is not the case and we can help.

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When You Face Infringement, You Need an Experienced Legal Team

When you face infringement on Amazon or another ecommerce platform, you need licensed attorneys to represent you. Hiring an attorney can help you deescalate the situation or bring appropriate litigation against the offender, and gives you the security of knowing that an attorney who deals with these issues frequently is using their experience and knowledge to help further your business goals. Nobody without a law license in good standing should give you advice about how to handle an infringement claim: not only are they not qualified to help you, but in most states it is considered unlawful practice of law.

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