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We have one of the leading patent attorneys available to help inventors protect their intellectual property. 

When you sell on Amazon, your product is entering the global economy. That’s why it is important to protect your novel inventions with a design or utility patent. Intellectual property law firms like to tout their ability to understand your technology or “get up to speed.” As former professional engineers with over 20 years combined experience in patent law, we are already “up to speed.” We understand how software and web-based businesses develop intellectual property and operate their business. Our approach is informed by an overall understanding of how technology is developed and how patent and trademark laws can best be used to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. Go ahead and speak “geek” to us.

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What about Patent Infringement? 

If you have received a patent infringement notice, this is a serious issue that requires you to work with experienced attorneys. Only a licensed attorney can help you evaluate the merits of the alleged infringement. If the infringement is legitimate, our attorneys can help you attempt to reach an amicable outcome with the rights-owner to avoid litigation. Remember, if you have infringed on someone’s patent you are liable to face litigation in addition to account or product suspensions.

How do I protect against Patent Infringement Claims?

One of the most effective ways to prevent a patent infringement claim is to hire an experienced patent attorney to perform a thorough patent search. By hiring an expert to perform a patent search, you not only have the piece of mind that your design/item does not infringe, but you can prevent costly infringement. Remember, if you import an infringing product, you can be subject to fines, impounding of items at the port of entry, and potentially litigation for patent infringement.

When You Want to Protect Your IP, You Need an Experienced Legal Team

If you are serious about protecting your business with intellectual property, you need licensed attorneys to represent you. Hiring an attorney allows you to sleep well knowing that your experienced patent attorney is using their experience and knowledge to help further your business goals. Nobody without a law license in good standing should give you advice about patents: not only are they not qualified to help you, but in most states it is considered unlawful practice of law.

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