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  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Looking for an Exit Sherpa?

In 2021, we helped over sixty eCom businesses sell their brand (“Exit”), realizing over $238 million dollars in closing cash for our clients. By working with with eComAttorneys we can leverage our eCom Exit market data and insight to make sure that you are negotiating market terms for your Exit deal.

We also understand that, for the majority of our clients, the Exit is the single largest and most complicated transaction of their life, and the process can be overwhelming.

That is why we are here to support you from both a legal and an emotional perspective as you go through your Exit process. We take our role as your “Exit Sherpa” seriously because we know that in an Exit, your counsel is likely to be the only person involved in the deal, other than you, who has your best interest solely at heart.

Let us help you navigate the issues of negotiating price, “add-backs”, due diligence, reps and warranties, disclosures, indemnity as we guide you through the Exit process.

Call us First, before your Broker. While we are often contacted by our Exit clients after the Letter of Intent is signed, or just before, we believe it is important that these documents, including your broker agreement, are reviewed by an attorney, as this can save you a lot of headache and surprise in the future. So before you sign a broker agreement or that Letter of Intent, and especially before signing any type of Purchase Agreement, contact us and request a free Exit Strategy consultation.

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  • Account Services

Amazon Account protection and reinstatement support.

Most complex Amazon suspensions require legal analysis, which is why it is important to work with a qualified attorney who knows the law and Amazon to help you with your suspension, IP claim, performance notification, compliance or other Amazon issues.

We provide flat-rate appeals and plan of action support, with no extra hidden fees.

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  • Other Legal Services

Full-Service Corporate Law & Dispute Resolution

Form an LLC, update your operating agreement, drafting or negotiating a contract, we have you covered. Have a dispute with a supplier, customer or competitor? We can help!

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