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At Rafelson Schick, we see our clients as partners. Whether you’ve been with us for days or years, whether you’re today’s industry leader or tomorrow’s game-changer, we’re always responsive and always on.

Amazon Account or Product Suspended?

We provide flat-rate appeals and plans of action, with no extra hidden fees.

Get a Plan of Action / Appeal quickly and cost-effectively

One of the biggest threats to a seller’s success on the Amazon platform is the threat of a product or account suspension. When Amazon’s automated systems flag your account or product for suspension, it can be devastating to your business.  It is important to note that sellers typically only get one attempt to appeal the suspension with seller performance.  With your livelihood and the livelihood of your employees on the line, it is important to make sure that you have your appeal draft perfect, and have it done before the seller performance deadline.


Sales & Income Taxes

We can help you with any state or federal tax issue.

Your Full-Service State and Federal Tax Law Firm

Francissen Rafelson Schick offers a full-service Tax Law practice, with attorneys who are experienced in tax law. If you have received a nexus questionnaire or an audit from a state tax agency or the IRS, you need an experienced tax attorney to help you fight back. Our team is ready to help you with any tax issue.

Trademarks & Patents

We can help you secure your business with Patents & Trademarks

Protect and Grow Your Business

FRS specializes in intellectual property (IP) protection, through trademark, patent, and copyright protection. Our experienced IP Group can help you with all aspects of defining your IP Strategy, including filing trademarks, corresponding with the USPTO, and enforcement of your IP Rights against infringing sellers.

Amazon and eCommerce Strategy

Our Insights Can Help You Grow Your eCommerce Business

Learn from our Lawyers, with Full Attorney-Client Privilege

Our Lawyers offer innovative and forward-thinking legal and business strategy, including market intelligence, MAP strategy, transaction structuring, intellectual property strategy, and tax planning to help you grow your eCommerce presence the smart way.

IP Infringement Resolution

Whether you are accused of infringing, or someone is infringing your content, we can help.

We can help with the IP Infringement Process

As a boutique Intellectual Property law firm, we can assist with patent, trademark, and copyright protection, and can help rights owners enforce their Intellectual Property rights. Through our eComGuardian Brand Protection practice, we help PL sellers and brand owners protect their valuable intellectual property across the web for a flat monthly fee.

Full-Service Corporate Law

Trying to protect your assets? Write or negotiate a contract? Sell your eCom business?

Legal Services that Entrepreneurs Need

Our law firm has the necessary experience to help you through a variety of corporate law challenges, with experience directly important for your eCommerce business. We can help with drafting or negotiating contracts, employment law issues, buying or selling a business, forming an LLC/corporation, negotiating with suppliers, and handling business disputes and litigation.

Amazon Suspension Advice

We Help Sellers and Vendors Get Their Accounts Reinstated

Protect and Reinstate Your Amazon Vendor or Seller Account

If your Vendor or Seller account or listing has been suspended, we can help you write an effective plan of action to get you reinstated as quickly as possible. If necessary, we can help you escalate your case to get you back online and in business quickly. Most Plans of Action are completed within 24 hours, at no extra charge.

New Seller Start-Up Support

Your Full-Service Startup Support Firm

We can help you get started on Amazon

Setting up your Amazon Store can be a challenging endeavor, but fortunately Francissen Rafelson Schick can help make it easier. Our experienced attorneys can share best practices when it comes to setting up your company, assist you with filing necessary documents and obtaining permits, obtain trademarks, and can even help you set up your Amazon account and Brand Registry.

Get an eCommerce Attorney on Your Side

There is a lot of misinformation out there, and many consultants offering similar services that downplay the need for legal advice. Some of these consultants even cross the line of practicing law without a license, and their advice is often dangerous. Just as you wouldn’t hire a dentist to perform open heart surgery, you should not be hiring consultants without legal training to help make important decisions with serious legal consequences.

Reach out to an eCommerce lawyer with actual expertise in the law. Use the contact form to the right, and we will contact you right away. 

We are passionate about helping Brands and Private Label Sellers Thrive in the New eCommerce Economy. Our Law Firm is designed from the ground-up to help companies navigate the unique challenges of Amazon and eCommerce. 

Earth’s Most Seller-Centric Law Firm

We know how stressful and exciting running your ecommerce business can be, because we have been in your shoes. Our attorneys have extensive e-commerce experience, either first hand as Sellers or as counsel to some of the world’s largest companies.

We help entrepreneurs create, expand, and protect their companies and most prized assets by bringing an equal balance of business experience, technical skill, and creative thinking to the opportunities and challenges they face. 

  • Jeff started selling online while in college, and grew his pet supply business to $2 million in annual sales before selling it.

  • Paul sold video games on Amazon during law school, and went on to become tax counsel at Wal-Mart, Microsoft, and General Electric.

Chat with Lexi, our Virtual Paralegal

Real-world legal and e-Com experience.

We have the education and real-world experience to help you take your business to the next level.

Being eCommerce-Centric is More than A Slogan. It’s Central to The Way We Do Business.

Our Commitment to You

We are eCommerce lawyers committed to the comprehensive success of your business. Our goal is to develop long-term working relationships that help your business succeed far into the future.

We are here to address your concerns, and not necessarily in one phone call. Our lawyers regularly make themselves available as a point of contact for any legal questions or concerns that come up in the course of running your business at no additional charge.

We help entrepreneurs create, expand, and protect their companies and most prized assets by bringing an equal balance of business experience, technical skill, and creative thinking to the opportunities and challenges they face. 

Our attorneys are committed to the success of our clients. We take the time to understand our clients’ business, and work collaboratively with our clients to achieve their business goals — whether managing complex tax issues, succeeding in reinstating a suspended Amazon account, or protecting their intellectual property. By investing in their success, we have helped clients make their businesses better, smarter, and more protected.

At Francissen Rafelson Schick LLP, our clients are getting a team of lawyers dedicated to helping their eCommerce business thrive. Our legal team includes an experienced patent and trademark attorney, a tax litigator who has argued tax cases at the state and federal levels, and an attorney who built a 7-figure Amazon business.

Entrepreneurs need every ounce of shut-eye they can get, which is why our eCommerce Attorneys go out of our way to be accessible at all times. As a bonafide client, if you email us with a question you will almost always hear back within 24 hours, whether that’s Sunday, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

We know that legal issues often pop up by surprise, and you need answers right away. Whether it’s a few minutes of our time or over an hour, we are committed to addressing all of our clients’ concerns and setting a game plan to tackle the issue.  

Work with an eCommerce attorney that understands the intricacies of selling on platforms like Amazon, and the struggles online sellers face today. An understanding of facts behind the scenes, like whether sellers have access to customer information for direct marketing purposes, who controls where Amazon FBA. inventory is sent, or who has the final say with respect to customer service between you or Amazon, can make a big difference in your case.

Advisors and consultants who are not familiar with eCommerce platforms often make assumptions about what it’s like to sell online that can damage your case. Regardless of whether you work with us or not, work with an eCommerce attorney that understands your facts. Don’t be afraid to challenge your advisor by asking questions that will help you make that determination.  

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